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Realization (obsolete description) by QueenCold Realization (obsolete description) by QueenCold
Jade had calmed down some, her breathing was normal now. Fluttershy and Jade decided that they would write to Princess Celestia and see what she could do to help. They were on their way to the library when they saw several ponies on their way into the building.

"That's strange," said Fluttershy, "There aren't usually this many ponies at the library this late." Once inside they saw the interior set up for a grand party. Pinkie Pie was finishing some touches with streamers and balloons.

Pinkie turned around and saw the two there, "Oh no! I was just about to come get you, who ruined the surprise?"

Fluttershy was confused and replied softly, "Uhm, nopony. We actually came to write a letter..."

"I guess we'll just have to skip over the surprise part," said Pinkie disappointedly, interrupting Fluttershy.

Attempting to explain, Fluttershy kept speaking, "Well, you see..."

Pinkie's disappointment turned to excitement, "Oh well, since you're here we might as well get this party started!"

"Okay, but do you think that maybe..." continued Fluttershy, her voice weakening.

"I set up all kinds of games!"

"That's nice, but..."

"And there's punch."

"I was hoping I could..."

"And Spike made his special triple-decker nut-crazy vanilla cream cookies!" shouted Pinkie enthusiastically.

"Write a letter to the..."

Pinkie was smiling wide, not hearing any of what Fluttershy had been attemping to say, "It's going to be totally fun!"

Fluttershy, in a sudden burst, yelled out, "JADE DOESN'T WANT TO LIVE IN PONYVILLE!" The gathering crowd in the library stopped and stared at Fluttershy, causing her to retreat in fright.

Walking out from behind a few partygoers, Twilight asked, "What do you mean? I thought Jade wanted to stay at your cottage with you." Her attention, and much of the attention, then shifted to Jade.

The large number of ponies looking at her caused Jade to shift about uneasily, "I don't know." The crowd of ponies began leaving the library, the mood soured due to the new development. Twilight accelerated this, working to usher everypony from the library.

Out from the behind the outbound crowd came a stallion, he squeezed through the ponies and stood before Twilight and Pinkie. He had a scrubbing brush between his teeth as he spoke, "Ahm uh leht fer duh behbu sherwer?" Together, Twilight and Pinkie gave him a confused look. After a short silence he kicked at the floor and walked out with the crowd.

A few minutes would pass before the entire crowd except for Twilight, Pinkie, Fluttershy, Jade and Spike were gone. At this point Twilight escorted Pinkie out of the library, "I'll need some time to talk to Jade and Fluttershy. Don't worry about the decorations here, I'll clean them up."
Twilight walked back in and shut the door, her attention immediately returned to Jade as she approached. Jade felt somewhat intimidated by Twilight, when she looked over to see Fluttershy sitting uncomfortably and Spike holding his tail it only caused her to be more anxious. Twilight raised a brow and looked at Jade. The dragon's earlier statement puzzled her and so she had to ask, "You don't know?"

Jade held her hands together and her little wings drew in tight, she wasn't sure how to answer. All she could manage was to repeat herself, "I don't know..."

Twilight, exhausted and on edge, started to feel that aggravation return. She pushed on, "Don't you like living with Fluttershy?"

Jade felt herself wanting to become smaller and smaller, "I don't know..." she repeated. Twilight's face showed the aggression building and Spike took notice. He looked around before an idea came to him.

Spike grabbed a nearby mirror and jumped inbetween Twilight and Jade, pointing the mirror so Twilight could see her reflection. She was taken aback by the scowl she had on her face and how tired her eyes looked, it startled her so much that she was pulled out of her focus.

When she was able to bring her attention together again, she realized what was happening. She saw Jade cowering behind Spike. Twilight regretted how she was acting. She took a deep breath before she continued, "Thank you, Spike."

Spike saluted and stood off to the side, seeing that his mission was successful. Twilight hung her head down, "Jade, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be so harsh with my questions." Jade was still cowering, not answering. Twilight then turned to Fluttershy, "What was it that Jade told you?"

Trying not to give away Jade's sadness from before, Fluttershy answered with, "She told me that it's just too different from what she's used to."

With a look of relief, Twilight said, "Oh, is that it? It’s alright, Jade. Ponyville is a very nice place to live. You know, Spike and I were new here not too long ago. Before I moved to Ponyville I lived in Canterlot with Spike. I didn’t have any friends nor did I want to, but the ponies of Ponyville offered me their friendship and look at me now!" She then looked over to Spike, “Remember what I said at OUR welcoming party, Spike?”

Spike imitated Twilight as best he could, “All the ponies in this town are CRAZY!”

Twilight smiled as she looked to Jade, who had started easing up a bit, “So don’t worry, you’ll be fine.”

"I don't wanna make new friends," said Jade sounding sad, "I just wanna go home."

Twilight replied, "I understand you're nervous about meeting everypony, but you really should give them a chance."

Without giving much room to speak, Spike interjected, "I don't think that's what she meant, Twi."

"Then what do you mean?" asked Twilight in a soft tone.

Jade said in a more forward manner, "I don't want to live in Ponyville. I want to go home."

"But we don't even know where you came from," said Twilight with a concerned look.

Fluttershy spoke up, "Well, I thought that maybe Princess Celestia could help us. We came to the library to write her a letter."

"Princess Celestia?" asked Twilight before the realization hit her, "Of course! Why didn't I think of that? Spike, take a letter."

Dear Princess Celestia,

Yesterday we received a visitor in Ponyville, a baby dragon named Jade. She emerged from the Everfree Forest near Fluttershy's cottage, and since then we have been caring for her. Jade wishes to return to her home but she, and none here in Ponyville, know where she came from.

We learned that Jade lived in a cave far away and that she walked through the forest, it isn't enough to go from. It was our hope that you would be able to guide us to the answers we need so that we may return Jade home as she wishes.

Your faithful student,

Twilight Sparkle

After he finished writing the letter, Spike took it to the window and sent it on his way. It confused Jade, but she accepted that they knew what they were doing. Time passed and Spike belched out a response from Princess Celestia.

Spike cleared his throat and narrated the letter, "Dearest Twilight, This is surprising news, and it has me uncertain. I have not heard reports of dragons coming into Equestria, so I feel it is safe to assume Jade's parents have not come to our lands. If you are able, please ask Jade to share more details about her journey. After I know more I shall try to help."

Twilight turned to Jade, "Jade, could you give us some information about what you saw on your way here?"

"There were trees," answered Jade.

Twilight asked further, "and?"

"More trees."

Twilight's patience was wearing thin again, "What else?"

Jade pondered briefly before saying, "Well, I remember it being all wet and swampy at some point. Then there was grass and a river. I followed the river for a while and then there were more trees, and more trees, and more trees, and --"

Spike shouted, "Oh for Pete's sake! What else was there?"

Jade cut back at him, "I was about to say that, before you interrupted me! Anyway, there was a cliff, so I couldn't follow the river anymore. Then there were these ruins and after that just a lot of trees... and suddenly ponies."

Spike grumbled, "Well that was pretty useless..."

"Not necessarily," said Twilight, "We'll see what the princess has to say about it."

Spike recorded the information that Jade gave to them, Twilight reminded him to add in the details about the sun rising and setting many times. Once the letter was complete, Spike sent it and they waited for a response. There was a delay in Princess Celestia's reply, but when it came Spike read it aloud, "From the information you have given me, it is my belief that Jade came from beyond the Haysead Swamps. What was described could lead her to Ponyville if she were to follow the river that flows bewteen the swamps and the Everfree forest. I have no other information that I can offer at this time, I hope this is helpful to you."

With a worried expression, Fluttershy said, "Beyond the Haysead Swamps? But that means..."

Twilight completed Fluttershy's sentence, "She's from beyond the borders of Equestria. She hasn't been away from home for weeks, she's been away from home for MONTHS!"

Jade started to sound desperate, "What do you mean? Are you saying I can't go home?" She grabbed onto Twilight's legs.

Twilight continued, "What we're saying is that we don't know where your home is. We'd love to help, we really would, but we can't right now."

Jade let go of Twilight and swung her hands down, "This is so unfair! I can't believe I'm stuck here! I wanna go home! You said you'd help me, you liar!"

Spike cut in, shouting back at Jade, "Hey! knock it off! She said she was going to try! It's not her fault you got into this mess!"

Jade stopped, then she said defeatedly: "No, it's mine..."

Fluttershy, "Don't say things like that, it'll be okay."

Jade was clenching her fists, "No, it won't! I didn't listen to my mom and went into the woods alone. She told me not to! Now I'll never see my family again and it's all because I just had to do something stupid, like always!"

Spike goes to put a hand on her shoulder, she stops him and mutters, "Leave me alone, all of you."

Twilight, feeling sad for Jade, "Now, Jade, why don't you calm down and --"

Jade shouted louder at them, "No! I don't wanna be calm! I don't wanna do anything! I want my mom!"

Fluttershy stomped in front of Jade and started to stare her down, "That's enough out of you, young lady! We understand that you want to go home to your family and that you are upset about the whole situation, but that is no reason to lash out at the ones who are trying to help you! We are trying our very best to solve your problems and you are being very ungrateful about it!"

Jade was staring wide eyed at Fluttershy, frozen still from the intensity of it. Fluttershy then asked, "Don't you have anything to say?"

Jade sputtered and then answered, "... I'm sorry."

Fluttershy smiled, "It's okay. You're not a bad baby dragon, you're just homesick. Everything's going to be fine, I promise." Jade wasn't sure what to say, if there was anything to say, she simply sat there stunned. Fluttershy continued, "Let's go, Jade. We'll figure things out."

The two left the library. Once they were gone Spike spoke his thoughts aloud, "I hope she'll be okay."
His face held a sad expression. When Twilight saw the look she realized it was hitting home for him. Twilight scooped Spike up into her forelegs and hugged him. Neither said anything more.

At sweet Apple Acres, Applejack was waiting near the door ready to leave, "Come on Granny, we're already late for this whole dragon party thing."

"Now just hold up there, I'm ready. You don't have to keep yellin' at me," shouted Granny as she shakily walked down the stairs.

Just as Applejack opened the door to start walking out, the Apple family saw Pinkie Pie standing outside panting. Applejack asked her: "What's goin' on, Pinkie? Aren't y'all supposed to be at the party?"

Pinkie breathed heavily, "Party... cancelled... have to tell... everpony..." Before anything else could be said, Pinkie started running off. The four of them looked at one another and shut the door.

Applejack stated, "This day is just gettin' weirder and weirder."

"Eeyup," added Big Mac.

Not much later Applejack spotted Rainbow Dash was practicing a new maneuver above the apple orchard as the sun was beginning to set. The orange earth pony stepped outside and yelled up: "Rainbow! I thought I told you not to practice over the farm, don't want you to crash into any trees and knock the apples loose before they're ripe!"

Rainbow landed, "I was just about to stop, no need to... hey, weren't you supposed to be at the party already?"

"Nope, party's been cancelled," answered Applejack.

"Cancelled?" repeated Rainbow in a surprised tone, "one of Pinkie's parties is cancelled? Why?"

Applejack replied, "No idea, she ran off before we could ask. If you ask me this idea of a new dragon moving into town seems funny."

"I'm with you on that one, AJ. I'm going to go see what's up, catch you later," said Rainbow Dash before flying off to the library to ask Twilight what's happening.

She flew over the trees and parts of Ponyville, Rainbow Dash looked over the landscape while flying. Some ponies were in the roads still, gathered around and talking to eachother by the looks of it. When she arrived at the library she swung the door open and trotted in, "Hey, Twilight! What happened to the party?"

Twilight nonchalantly answered while using her magic to sweep up some confetti with a broom, "It's been cancelled."

"I know THAT," retorted Rainbow, "but why?"

Twilight stopped sweeping, "Apparently Jade never wanted to stay in Ponyville and a certain pink friend of ours forgot to check."

Rainbow stared for a second before replying, "And this is surprising, because?"

"It's not," said Twilight, "but it doesn't matter now anyway."

Rainbow looked confused, "What do you mean?"

Twilight used her magic to lift a pile of party stuff into a trash can, "We can't take her home, she's from beyond the Haysead Swamps."

"Wow," exclaimed Rainbow Dash, "That's like the end of Equestria."

Twilight sighed, "Yes, and that's all the information we have. If we were to escort her closer to her home, we'd just be dumping her off on the edge of the territory and she still wouldn't have a clue where to go. She was extremely lucky to make it here unharmed, chances are she won't be as lucky if we sent her back."

Rainbow Dash quickly offered a solution, "I could carry her on my back though, maybe she would see where she's from?"

"Do you have any idea how large an area you'd be searching? Who knows how long she walked before she even reached Equestria? Besides, she may not even be able to recognize her home from the air. Caves are often only visible from the ground. Though I appreciate your offer, I don't think it would make any difference."

"I guess, but it still feels like we're kidnapping the kid," said Rainbow Dash in a displeased tone.

"We don't have a choice, Rainbow Dash. It isn't safe out there. She's about the same age as Spike and I would never have him fend for himself in the wild."

Rainbow Dash asked, "But what if her parents come looking for her?"

"Her parents are not in Equestria according to the princess, and I'm certain she'd warn us if they were. Surely they would understand if we explained the situation, right?"

Rainbow replied with uncertainty, "If you say so. So where is she now?"

"She went with Fluttershy to her cottage."

"I guess that works, she did seem to like the little dragon. I just hope it doesn't get us into trouble, I don't wanna upset a grown dragon again, let alone two."

"I hear you. But let's not worry about that now. There's nothing we can do anyway."

"You're right. Heh, you came a long way from being Ponyville's biggest worrywart."

Twilight chuckled, "Well, I have my friends to help me. That makes everything a lot easier."

"You're still the biggest egghead, though."


"Haha, it's true! Anyway, you look ready to hit the hay."

"Yeah, I haven't slept well." Twilight admitted defeatedly.

"She hasn't slept at all!" Spike added in.

"I'd better be going then. Night guys!" With that the pegasus zoomed off.

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Granted, never knowing your parents and being raised by a different specie, compare to being separated from your family whom you made a bond with, and being stuck in a place your not comfortable with have their different pains.

But you know the old saying, birds of a feather stick together, and hopefully soon Spike and Jade friendship will become stronger ever. All in all great job it was a nice chapter I really enjoyed it. :D
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I'm glad you liked it. I'm very close to finishing the introduction, just one more pic. There will be an adventure after this. :)

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