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October 13, 2013
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Knight in shining scales by QueenCold Knight in shining scales by QueenCold
What if/Alternate headcanon:

Years ago in Canterlot, Spike the dragon went to kindergarten. Once per year a play was performed by the oldest foals. This year, the year that Spike the dragon was among these foals, the teacher had an ingenious, age and ethnicity appropriate idea for a play: a story about a dragon slayer. Many were interested in the role of the hero, Spike included, so they all had to audition. Whereas Spike's performance was the most convincing, his teacher would not give him the role. She wanted to tell him dragons can't be heroes, but stopped herself just in time, realizing how awkward saying that would be. Instead, she lied about having seen a better audition, but promised him he could be the stand-in in case the other got sick. She then proceeded to give the role to a little colt with perfect attendance.
However, on the day of the play this colt was sick. It was minutes before the start, so the teacher had no choice but to ask: "Spike, do you know your lines?"
He did.

The lights were dimmed, the spots went on and the antagonist was introduced. A little filly dressed as a red dragon trotted onto the stage. The audience clopped their hooves and "d'aww"-ed when she took a small bow. Then the hero was announced. This was it, Spike's big moment. He entered the stage. He loved acting, he loved the attention, the crowds cheering... but what was this? This wasn't cheering. This wasn't cheering at all! They were laughing at him! But why? This didn't make any sense!

"How ironic!" a stallion hollered in hysterics.

No! This wasn't happening to him! He'd show them! He'd show them all what a great actor he could be!

Regaining his posture, he recited: "surrender, vile beast!"

The audience errupted in laughter again, even louder than before. Then it happened; what he had dreaded from the start... he forgot his lines. His lips were quivering, his knees shaking. Tears streamed down his face as he dropped his wooden sword. This simply wasn't happening to him!

But it was.

And so Spike the dragon ran backstage, wailing.
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*takes out a chainsaw* excuse me for one moment *walks in*
I know what will shut them up 
spike is about the age of the cmc, and they are 7 or something, so a couple years would probably be accurate
Warlordsbane Dec 15, 2013
I cant help but laugh. 
julian0123 Nov 27, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
That was sad.
People can be so cruel without knowing it...
Natsumushi Nov 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

poor spike


Cool story bro tell it again
Story to long didn't read XD
The look on the dragon costumed filly's face reminds me of Fluffle Puff.
Wow, poor Spike, luckily he had Twilight and Celestia to comfort him after this fiasco. Also I wonder what the teachers and the Canterlot ponies faces would look like when they found out that Spike eventually became the Hero of the Crystal Empire?
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