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May 25, 2012
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A nice hot bath (obsolete description) by QueenCold A nice hot bath (obsolete description) by QueenCold

Fluttershy put the befuddled thing down and said, “make yourself at home while I prepare you a bath.”

The little dragon was utterly gobsmacked by what had just happened, but got a hold of itself quickly and looked for ways to escape this crazy pony. It wasn’t long until the dragon noticed the front door and made a beeline for it. The dragon clutched the knob of the front door and was just about to open it, when its stomach protested loudly. The youngster looked down and clutched their belly. It couldn’t even remember how many days had passed without having eaten anything. The little dragon withdrew its claw. Maybe the pony had something good to eat.

Something sure smells good! 
Just a bite, then I’m out of here, the dragon thought.

It walked into the general direction of the alluring scent while scanning its surroundings, looking for other things it could potentially eat. But besides some less-than-appetizing looking bird feed and carrots there wasn’t anything else edible in the room. Whatever emitted that sweet aroma was much more interesting. The dragon’s nose lead it to the kitchen, where a basket with a cloth draped over it was sitting on the table. The dragon climbed onto the table and inched towards the basket. If took a big whiff before removing the cloth, revealing a batch of freshly baked cupcakes.

If the smell was good before, it was nothing short of divine now. The wyrmling drooled and its stomach rumbled again. It reached into the basket, took a cupcake into both claws and gave it a lick. The dragon's eyes opened wide in amazement. There was no way these treasures were going to be left alone! The dragon wolfed down on the baked goods while shedding tears of pure bliss. Within seconds they were all gone. The dragon hadn’t felt this satisfied in a long while and didn’t care if it got caught. Those things were totally worth it!

As if on cue Fluttershy walked into the kitchen. “There you are. Your bath is ready. Shall we... oh, you ate all of my cupcakes,” she gasped. The baby dragon turned towards Fluttershy. It expected to get an earful or worse, but its face bore an indifferent expression. It regretted nothing. The somewhat taunting expression on the dragon’s face was met with a warm smile, catching it by surprise.

“You must have been very hungry. Poor thing! It’s okay. Now, let’s get you cleaned up.” Fluttershy said. The perplexed baby dragon could only nod. Before it could utter anything, it got scooped up again and carried to different room. As soon as a water filled bathtub came in sight the dragon berated itself for not leaving before. This was not a position it wanted to be in. It squirmed and eventually freed itself from Fluttershy’s hooves… right above the water.
 The wyrmling landed in the tub with a splash, looking absolutely miserable when it sat up. It tried to climb out, but the walls of the tub were too tall and slippery. Flapping its puny wings didn’t help much either.
After minutes of slipping and sliding the dragon finally gave up on trying to get out. it was about to let out a frustrated cry, when it felt something bristly rub against its back. Fluttershy was cleaning it with a brush.

The exhaustion finally got the best of the baby dragon and it calmed down. After accepting its defeat it started to realize these circumstances weren’t so bad. The water was warm and the brushing felt good. Something about this pony put the dragon at ease. Then again, it may have very well been the fatigue kicking in. The baby dragon neither knew nor cared at this point. It was long since it had met something that didn’t try to hurt or eat it.

Fluttershy hummed a tune which further relaxed it, lulling the young dragon to sleep. The pegasus couldn’t help but smile at the adorable heap. Its snoring reminded her a lot of Spike. After making sure she had cleaned every inch of
 the dragon, she carefully lifted its slumbering form out of the tub and dried it off. She made a bed from a basket, a pillow and some blankets, then tucked the baby dragon in and returned to other business in the cottage.

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