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Lucky dog by QueenCold
Lucky dog
It's Equestria Girls time!
In the city, little Jade's got a dog's life. She lives in an alley next to "Lucky Dragon Chinese Take-out", and eats the scraps the kitchen staff tosses her way. 
Jade the Dragoness: introduction pt. 3 by QueenCold
Jade the Dragoness: introduction pt. 3
Before long Zecora's hut came into Apple Bloom's view. Relieved, she trotted over and knocked on the door. The door wasn't shut, however, and gently swayed open upon Apple Bloom's touch. She could see Zecora mixing up a brew in her cauldron. Without taking her eyes off her work, the zebra called out to her:

"I'm glad you have made it here. What took you so long, my dear?"
Apple Bloom made her way over to Zecora and explained, "The craziest thing happened out there. I got chased down by a bunch of timberwolves and they almost got me! Luckily a baby dragon came along and saved me."
"I am glad that you are safe and sound, but you should pay attention to what is around." Zecora said while walking towards at table with all sorts of bottles and herbs neatly laid out across it, then continued, "these woods are a place full of danger, where it is unusual to help a stranger."
"She said something about scratching my back, since I gave her apple back and all..." Apple Bloom replied.
"Such an honest dragon, that Jade. I am glad she came to your aid." Zecora said, rummaging through the objects on the table.

This caught Apple Bloom's attention. She perked up and asked, "Wait, you know her?"
"When gathering these herbs I saw her time and again, we did talk every now and then." Zecora turned to face Apple Bloom and said with a smile, "a lot of time has passed since I saw you last. I have the notion that now you'll make an even better potion."

Puff the magic dragon by QueenCold
Puff the magic dragon
Spear hates it when his mother, Javelin, endearingly calls him "Puff".
Unfortunately he was under the impression that all of his friends were facing the same problem. They found his predicament rather amusing.

Do you take requests?
I notify my watchers when I do by submitting a journal entry.

What about commissions?
I am not comfortable with the idea of asking money for my art, while the only reason I'm even this well-known is because I've drawn fanart of somebody else's intellectual property.

Are you ever going to draw DBZ related pictures again?
The honest answer is: I don't know. While I still enjoy watching a few episodes from time to time, I drew DBZ fanart for such a long time (over a decade) that I've grown weary of it. Not only that, but I was frankly not having anywhere near as much fun with it as I led people to believe. When I first activated this account when I was sixteen, I was an angsty teen who was actively seeking approval and pageviews, and as a result I was willing to cater to just about anybody. Being that young and inexperienced, my ideas didn't start out all that great to begin with. What started out as a fanon filled with Mary Sues and Gary Stus when I was ten, slowly transformed into an impossible, ridiculous world in which I challenged just about every aspect of any human culture that caught my interest, just to see how that would work out. I should have stopped when I got uncomfortable with the level of creepiness, but I was too desperate for the attention and the amount of approval I continued to get. Of course, being your stereotypical teenager with a DA account, I had to have my 'edgy' phase for a while as well. All of this cumulated into a big charlie foxtrot that was f***ed up beyond all repair. I wound up scratching and rewriting everything, making it congruent with the show's canon and most important of all: sane.
Now, this was a huge confession and I'm not proud of what I did, but it is what it is. I do find some solace in the fact that I'm not the sole member of the Tainted Past Club; not by a long shot.
So what does this mean for your fanon? Well, for starters: out of all the DBZ OCs I've ever created, I've only held onto Ice, whose appearance, personality and background went through tremendous changes since her creation. Everything else is pretty much gone. All of the events in hell (or HFIL); gone. The planet Ice; gone! So what's left? Well, Freeza's race are the Arcosians, which makes perfect sense. (Arcos => Arctic) King Cold and Queen Ice came from rivaling warlord clans and they incidentally united them through marriage. Their marriage didn't last and the two got divorced, the end. What else? Nothing. That's it. The queen dies of old age. Don't worry, she's still a bitch. Another thing that's worth noting is that Akira Toriyama is working on the show again, so this information can easily become obsolete very soon. I have no problems with this. I enjoyed Battle of Gods and I'm looking forward to Revival of F. This brings me to the next question:

Did you know that there is a new DBZ movie coming out?
Obviously the answer is yes.

When are you updating Jade's story?
I've been meaning to, I really have, but I've hit a massive writer's block. I just don't know how to continue and to be honest, there isn't that much to the story. I try to get the introduction out of the way, because the rest is basically just loose scenarios.

Do you read the comics?
I've read a few, but I don't follow them.

Can I use one of your pictures as (cover) art for my story?
As long as you provide a link to the original, you have my permission.

Are you going to watch season 5 of MLP?
I don't see why not. I enjoy the show.

When are you uploading your next pic?
When it's done. It's hard to tell. I draw when the mood strikes me.

Hopefully this clears a lot of things up. If you still have any questions about me, my opinions or my work, feel free to ask them in the comment section below.


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