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Death battle by QueenCold
Death battle
They both want Garble, who wins? (the winner may, but very well may not get her prize)

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Jade the Dragoness: introduction pt. 2 by QueenCold
Jade the Dragoness: introduction pt. 2
Since the script form wasn't too well received, I've decided to continue by putting the story in the description box as prose. I am primarily an artist, not a writer and the point of these descriptions is to get the idea across, not to be an amazingly well-written fanfic on their own.


Apple Bloom ran as fast as her short legs could carry her. But as a filly it proved difficult for her to outrun the wolves. Slowly they gained on her and it was only a matter of time until they'd catch up. She could only hope they'd get tired before she did. Somehow she doubted it, as they were magic-powered critters made entirely out of wood. In a desperate attempt to shake them off, she maneuvered across the few rocks and foliage on her path. She managed to create a little more distance between her and the wolves, but the stunts she pulled took its toll on Apple Bloom's stamina. She was slowing down.

The gap between Apple Bloom and the timberwolves was nearly closed. One of them attempted to bite, though narrowly missed. This gave Apple Bloom a second wind. Her speed surged for a moment and the gap increased once more. That was until the adrenaline left her body and her gallop slowed to a canter, then a trot. Right when Apple Bloom accepted her fate and braced herself, the timberwolves started yelping. She turned around to see what was going on and more importantly, why she wasn't being mauled.
There was the little dragon from before, breathing fire at the wolves.  One of them was already smoking and running around frantically, barking in distress. Finally it ran away deeper into the dense forest. Before long the other wolves followed suit. Apple Bloom took a moment to process what had just transpired in front of her, but the wild chase had left her dazed and disoriented.
"That was a close one! You saved my life!" Apple Bloom finally uttered after collecting her thoughts.

The little dragon looked at her and stated matter-of-factly: "Well, you scratched my back, so I'm scratching yours."

"I guess... Thanks! Wait, if you were going to help me anyway, why didn't you do so sooner?" Apple Bloom asked.

"And toss a perfectly good apple? Not happening!" the dragon replied before walking away, to Apple Bloom's surprise.

"Where are you going?" Apple Bloom cried.

"I'm done here, aren't I?" the dragon responded in the same unvarnished fashion as before, leaving Apple Bloom completely bewildered.

"Aren't you at least telling me your name?" Apple Bloom demanded, unable to process how a creature can save her life, just to walk away from the situation so casually.

"It's Jade, see ya!" with that the dragon climbed into a tree and disappeared. Apple Bloom couldn't help but stare at the tree incredulously for a while. The abrupt ending of their exchange had left her utterly speechless. Not that she had anyone to speak to. She shook her head in order to clear her mind and reminded herself of why she had come to the forest in the first place.

"I'd better get to Zecora's, who knows what'll pop up next!" Apple Bloom said to herself, before continuing down the semi-overgrown path.

First: Jade the Dragoness: introduction pt. 1

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