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Part 1:…


5:58 – What is wrong with wearing aprons, Spike? You asked that question yourself and have received no answer. It’s not like it says “kiss the cook” anyway.


5:59 – You’re gonna need more than a sandwich and a blanket, buddy. However, that does explain why we never see that apple blanket ever again. Since, you know, you dispose of your little bindle in an inexplicable fashion later on in the episode.


6:12 – How about we get writers who understand Rarity to write for Rarity. Yeah, that’d be nice.


6:22 – That sack would’ve been torn off or apart already if it weren’t for Spike’s awesome knot-tying skills he picked up back when he was a coltscout. That’s also where he learned to be so masculine.


6:27 – You could at least have the courtesy of putting your friends on their feet after de- and rematerializing them.


6:40 – “I couldn’t answer your questions, my books couldn’t either. I’m going to assume that the ever so vast and extensive library of our great nation’s capital has no more information on dragons than this small town one and we most definitely won’t learn anything from Zecora or Princess Celestia. So yes, I do think you should venture off to a faraway place where close to certain death awaits you with nothing but a blanket and enough food to last you an afternoon.”


6:54 – You’ve got my attention, Rainbow Dash.


6:58 – And the award for most half-assed hug goes to…


7:11 – So, you know it will answer some of your pesky “who am I” questions, eh Spike? You do realize that even if you do beat the odds and run into your real family, there’s a significant chance you won’t even realize who they are, right?


7:19 – Those smiles are self-explanatory.


7:25 – There are a few possibilities here. Possibility number one is that those dragons are slow as all hell, possibility number two is that Spike is haulin’ ass off-screen, possibility number three is that some crazy weather’s been scheduled for that day, possibility number four is that all of the above apply, and the most likely possibility - number five - is that all logic has been discarded for the sake of advancing the plot. Either way, enjoy the music.


7:40 – Don’t throw that away, that’s useful!


7:45 – Aaah! Black sheep, I get it! ***SYMBOLISM***


7:51 – Not sure if offensive…


7:53 – FORESHADOWING! (paired with awkward walking animation)


7:58 – Scratch that, this is awkward animation! This is not how dragons land. Dragons are not helicopters.


8:14 – Someone’s cranky, because he still hasn’t been able to find a place to nap! (would’ve been a nice callback if this were the green one from Owl’s Well rather than the red one from Dragonshy. It also would’ve explained why he’s so vehemently breathing fire at the one dragon that doesn’t pose a threat. Instead, the green one’s chilling in the background)


8:24 – They are much bigger than you, go find babies! Unless… this isn’t that kind of migration. Oh my…

You know what, that actually explains a lot.


8:33 – You really nailed it, Rarity! No, I mean it. Even the red dragon is impressed enough not to breathe fire at you.


8:49 – Animation error: Garble’s right forearm is missing.


8:54 – You, young man, are Chad from now on.


8:55 – Why does Chad have human teeth?


9:04 – “Peewee”, huh? Your claws are smaller than his. I’m picking up some sort of inferiority complex from this.


9:22 – "MY MOMMY MAY OR MAY NOT BE DEAD, YOU TWAT! But seriously, I walked here. You should try it, lard ass."


9:32 – Okay, not helping there, Spike.


9:34 – REALLY not helping.


9:37 – “If you weren’t just hatched, how come we haven’t seen you around before?”, well that’s a stupid question. This the Great Dragon Migration. It only happens once in a generation, lasts no longer than a few days at most and thousands of dragons attend, scattering across a series of craters. It is very easy to miss someone, especially when they are this small. Even if they didn’t exist yet when the last migration took place, this by no means means that they must’ve just hatched. Consarnit, Garble, you’re a dragon! You’re supposed to know what newly hatched dragons look like!


9:39 – Ponyville… honestly, Spike, how did you expect that to go?


9:41 – I love how cartoons stop talking the millisecond they are interrupted, unless simultaneously talking is a part of the story. It makes these conversations feel so natural!


9:58 – Okay, we get it, they’re superficial jocks…


10:07 – Why are you deepening your voice, Twilight? Can’t you be a dragoness?


10:18 – Haha! Boys are gross!


10:46 – Spike, what happened? Your belches aren’t usually this pathetic. Seriously, they didn’t need to downplay his belch, he would’ve been the worst one anyway.


10:51 – “From the desk of Princess Celestia,


Dear Spike,

Please tell Twilight that the books on Chaos Theory that she has requested have been set aside for her in the royal library, and she can collect them whenever she wishes.


By now you must be aware that the Great Dragon Migration is well under way. I would like to invite you personally to visit me in my private quarters, so I can answer some of the questions you undoubtedly have about your origins and the circumstances of your birth. Your transport and stay will be arranged as per usual. If you wish to take to this offer, let me know.


Sincerely Yours,

Princess Celestia.”


10:58 – A namby-pamby pony princess that so happens to control the sun. Apparently dragons can read, but they are taught nothing about the world that they live in. That, or they uphold the silly notion that the world they live in turns around its own axis.


11:08 – If Rainbow Dash can hear you, so should the dragons right next to you.


11:14 – I’m pretty sure this isn’t within your anatomical... you know what, nevermind…


11:18 – More mundane boy things!


11:20 – You guys are way too excited about the prospect of touching each other’s tails.


11:34 – The most painful sounding tongue bite yet.


11:39 – “Good old tail wrestling”, he says as if he’s ever even done it.


11:42 – “Check out that weirdo, he must be choking on something!”

“He has had that same dopey expression for a while…”




11:53 – Crackle must be one bad dude(tte) if being related to him/her gets you a free pass to hang out. Either that, or even dragons know you just aren’t a prick to the disabled.


11:58 – That brown one just grew half a foot in less than a second, yet nobody seems to care. Then again, growth spurts like that aren’t uncommon in their environment.





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I have a question. That dragon I mentioned last time, I'm having trouble thinking of a good and unique design for her. Do you have any suggestions to what designs would go with a pink baby dragon?
QueenCold 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Could you refresh my memory? I don't know which dragon we're talking about.
It's just a baby dragon I'm trying to make for a fic, but I'm having trouble coming up with a unique design for her, and I was just wondering if you had any suggestions
QueenCold 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My only suggestion is: experiment. Dragons come in many shapes and sizes. Try to be original, but don't try to give her too many unique attributes. Find a balance.
Some of you dragon ocs are nice.Is good to find other OCs that are much more than Spyke clones, keep it up
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